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User Rating: has been in operation for more than a decade, having been introduced back in 2002. The site is famed for the introduction of the concept of matching wealthy singles looking for an opportunity to mingle and share their experiences and interests in love. In order to appreciate the work done by the site, the site has been featured in a couple of notable shows such as The Dr Phil Show as well as the Richard & Judy Show and then WB 11 WPIX news. These shows contributed to the huge brand that is today and indeed, it has remained the leading site for wealthy singles despite the emergence of newer sites in the same genre. So, what is it about the site that makes it a long-time favorite for many? Let’s find out.


Gone are the days when we shied off from speaking out on our attractions towards those men – those men considered financially successful but advanced in age and insensitive to matters of the heart. In this time and age, we do not only speak openly of our attractions towards them, but we go the full length of making our intentions so obvious for all to see.

In order to cater to this new paradigm shift, various websites have been created, one of which is the In this article, we shall review this site and let you know why you should sign up for a profile the next time you think of dating a sugar daddy.

Sign Up and Membership

In order to create a profile in the site, you will be required to fill out a sign-up profile that includes your official information such as your name, country as well as an email address. In addition to these details, you will also be required to add details depicting your physical attributes such as your age, gender and height. As regards gender, you will be required to fill out whether you are a Sugardaddie or a Sugarbabe.

There are other finer details that will enable you locate your possible match such as your location, certain social habits such as your whether you drink or smoke, among many other social orientations. After supplying these details, you will be expected to write a headline and a descriptive paragraph about yourself [recommended word length is 200 words so you cover as much about yourself as you can.

You will then add multiple photos, preferably three. It is advised you add photos in different poses. With these in place, you are now fully set and can add members to your hotlist.

Scope With Regards To Mingling

The site only allows for those with a straight social orientation. This means you can either set your relationship status as ’single’’, ’in a relationship’’, ’married’’, ’widowed’’, ’separated’’ or ’divorced’’ depending on the kind of partner you are looking for.

Additionally, the relationships you can look for are either set as ’casual’’ or ’dating’’.

What Are The Costs?

It is important to note that prices for the websites are updated as frequently as the site deems necessary and such updates are purely demand-driven. However, the following is the pricing plans as of Aug 4 2017.
For sending and receiving mails, the costs in US dollars are varied as follows;

  • >$24.99 for a period of one month
  • >$50.97 for 3 months – $16.99 per month
  • >$89.94 for 6 months – $14.99 per month
  • >$155.88 for 12 months – $12.99 per month

One good thing with this pricing plan is that payment is quite flexible, as you can use either your credit or debit card as well as through online payment platforms or even through the phone.

Even better, there are automatic renewals so there are no fears of unexpected recurrent charges.

Communication Tools and Search Options

As a user of the site, you can either access other profiles through direct searches or through the use of profiles and photos. There are options of email and instant messenger as well as hotlists and message forums, with the latter offering limited access.

When it comes to search options, you can either search by newest members as well as specify profiles with photos. There are also saved searches as well as reverse hotlist which is basically search by members who have added you to their hotlist.


If you are looking for a site where you can freely mingle with sugar daddies and get matched with someone whose aspirations meet yours, then you need to sign up for a profile with Take advantage of their easy-on-the-pocket pricing plans and see your dream for meeting your soul mate soar high.

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