What did a girl think of the new zealand’s sweetest men?

sugar baby

Do you love good life? All a girl wants is money, love, clothes and some good time. The twenties is the most difficult age to tread without financial security; this is the age when a girl wants to live and enjoy life, travel the world, love and be loved, go on a cruise, drink champagne, speed in a sports car and the list is endless.

Rarely most of us get to live such a life unless you or your parents are stupid rich or you are dating some spoilt rich guy. I have a simple solution for all of your predicaments, try a sugar daddy. Do not dismiss this idea yet; let me tell you a story first: currently, I am twenty four years old, about a year ago I had a boyfriend, we were both young, both the same age and shared birthdays, my friends thought this was true love but this is my truth; I wasn’t in love until I met Stan, my current boyfriend, he is sixty three and he is the climax in my life story. We met online at a dating site for sugar daddy nz, at first I was reluctant to meet him but ever since we hit t off, life has been sweet.

There is nobody as tender as an older man. Ladies get older with age but men get more distinguished with age. These men love I tell you. Imagine going for happy hour at club Lenin at Quay Street, then the Orleans, later that night taking a helicopter ride to Eagle Nest just to dine and sleep. I am lucky to have a sugar daddy nz. The older men rarely lie and are more mature, they care for you and most importantly listen and pay attention to your needs and
desires. They know how to love and cherish a woman; I credit his to their older age and experience. Like wine, men get better with age.

In this millennial era, getting a sugar daddy has been made easier through the internet. There are numerous dating sites and dating apps online you can use to connect with them and this has been made more convenient since you can use filter search engines to narrow down specifically to their qualities and intentions. I’d however recommend that you tread with caution since there are numerous creeps in the internet who may fake certain qualities or may be cyber criminals.

The one thing we the younger women and the sugar daddy nz have in common is that we are both suffering insecurities, we are looking for someone to make us feel safe and they are looking for some who doesn’t answer back and is a trophy.

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